Finding the best price on auto insurance in Florida

According to Florida state law, all drivers are required to have insurance on their vehicle to cover them in case of an accident. Unfortunately, finding low priced insurance can be overwhelming for the financially conservative resident. However, finding cheap auto insurance in Florida is simply a matter of visiting and getting a quote.

Know the Laws and be informed on Florida

Coming to Florida from a new state can be a bit overpowering. When moving to a new area (especially if coming from another state), you will probably be working to register your car and obtain insurance in your new state. When relocating to Florida, you will need to obtain a new state policy that will be issued by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Florida’s insurance system is unique to it as a state and learning the state law will help ensure you are safely covered. While, Florida has a no-fault clause in its insurance laws, this clause will not cover medical costs. How does this affect your insurance? It simply means you may need to purchase more inclusive and higher coverage packages.

Another thing to consider when purchasing insurance in the state of Florida, is the state’s erratic weather patterns. Typically, Florida sees a large amount of heavy wind and rain, which will affect the safety on a road.  Another impact on Florida insurance will be the accident statistics. Florida has a relatively high rate of accidents. Knowing you have the best possible insurance coverage will help you keep peace of mind while on the road.

Browsing Insurance Companies

Shopping around is the most important way to find reasonably priced insurance. Ask for quotes and compare these quotes to other offers. Research local agents and their companies and start keeping track of contacts and price options.

Obtaining cheap auto insurance in Florida requires a little research on local insurance companies. There are hundreds of insurance companies claiming to offer cheap auto insurance in Florida. Choosing the best insurance company for your policy will ensure you really do get the best price on your coverage.

The first thing to decide when browsing companies is rather you prefer a large or small company. Small companies often offer a lower price, but larger companies will tend to have more stable and reliable coverage. However, this certainly does not mean smaller companies cannot offer this same level of dependability. Florida’s most popular companies include Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Esurance and Geico.

Recognizing your Situation

Part of finding cheap auto insurance in Florida is knowing and accepting your own situation. Young and inexperienced drivers can often affect the price of auto insurance. As will having multiple accidents or other blemishes on your driving record. Having a clean driving record will go a long way in ensuring you can find cheap auto insurance in Florida. However, also remember to ask about possible discounts. Many companies offer discounts to good students and military personnel, not to mention discounts for safe driving. Asking is the only way to ensure you are not missing out on just such a discount.

Homeowners Insurance Companies Florida

The Best of the Best

Even for the most organised among us, sorting out buying Florida home insurance can be a pain, especially when there are so many seemingly wonderful companies, which all seem to offer equally fantastic deals. However, for your benefit, I have sifted through thousands of company websites like this and narrowed it down to the top five. This five truly are the best of the best.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation boasts the most personal and commercial insurance policies in the entire state of Florida. It caters to over a million customers and this number is still growing. It is based in Florida so it knows exactly how much coverage you Floridians need to protect your beautiful homes. They have a programme which helps homeowners protect their homes from damage; especially wind damage. They also offer their customers the opportunity to add additional coverage to their policies in the event of flooding or storm surges. They help customers design the perfect policy for their home.

State Farm

State Farm is an insurance company which holds the second most insurance policies in the state of Florida. It boats over 600,000 policies and, like with all insurance companies, this number is rapidly increasing. They offer customers the best of both worlds, from the financial benefits of being a large company, to the support which you would expect from a neighbourhood business. As well as offering first-rate insurance policies, they also invest in the communities of Florida and assists residents with the great rebuild after a particularly nasty storm.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is one of the best rated Florida-based insurance companies. It boasts over 100,000 policies to date. They are one of the few companies which encourages residents to make the most of what Florida has to offer whilst they take care of the aftermath of natural disasters. They offer customers the opportunity to design their own policy, which is catered to the dangers which your home faces. They also allow customers to get a quote online and, once you become a policy owner, you can access your policy and make payments online

Royal Palm Insurance Company

Royal Palm Insurance Company, which is part of the Tower Hill Insurance Group, provides policies to over 100,000 homeowners in Florida. They have been offering thousands of Floridians excellent home insurance since 1972 and so they have vast amounts of experience with dealing with hurricanes and various other natural disasters, which effect Florida homeowners. Homeowners have the opportunity to pay their bills online as well as being able to file claims around the clock. This makes business with them a pleasure

Florida Family Insurance Company

Florida Family Insurance Company protects the homes of over 80,000 families in Florida. This company treats customers like a family, rather than a number. Customers receive a personalized service with local agents operating throughout the state. Customers are also given the opportunity to access their policy documents online which makes any business dealings with the company quick and easy. For more info visit this website.

Florida Health Insurance

General information about Florida health insurance


If you’ve been staying abreast of all the national news pertaining to recently imposed Florida health insurance mandates and federal fines for not signing up at the Health Insurance Marketplace, then there’s a good chance you’re a bit confused.  While it might seem as though things have become even more convoluted and difficult to decipher, the affordable care act was actually established in order to help rebalance an increasingly strained and subjective insurance industry.  Before the law was introduced it was possible for companies to engage in direct discrimination of individuals thanks to loopholes, particularly those which pertain to pre-existing conditions.   Now anyone can sign up and even check to see if they pre-qualify for special tax breaks, incentives or subsidies. Then you can compare these rates to what the public sector can provide via a service like


If you qualify for a subsidy…

Assuming that you’re one of the many that will ultimately qualify for some type of special subsidy, then a number of options will open up to you which will translate into lower premiums and increased care.  Of course, this also means that you must choose from a list of “exchange plans” which have been set up and pre-approved by the federal government itself.  The actual options and benefits will vary widely depending on a number of circumstances, including your personal history, relevant dependents, employment situation, existing health conditions as well as where you live.  All of these factors will determine what sorts of policies will be made available to you.


If you don’t qualify for a subsidy…

Not everyone will receive benefits, sadly.  While this is largely to be expected (and not really much of a radical change from the older system) it does mean that certain people will need to choose from a list of private providers.  Moreover, each participating company is rated (between 1 and 5 stars) for their overall level of coverage and premium prices.  In these health exchange plans you’ll encounter wider price discrepancies and varying levels of coverage as well.


At the same time, certain individuals will more or less have to seek out private providers due to the fact that they might be self employed or working for a company that doesn’t offer group coverage.  Likewise, many might be interested in changing certain elements of their current coverage and/or attempting to find was to lower the cost of their premiums (especially when you consider the state of the national economy).


What happens if I don’t sign up for a policy in Florida? 

Not signing up means that you will be levied a penalty fee which is currently priced (in the state of Florida) at around $95 per adult (and $47.50 per child).  (Note* – This is also calculated to be at around 1% of a family’s income once you pass the $285 per family mark.)  While paying the fine is acceptable if you don’t want any coverage you must keep in mind that this does little to nothing to protect you or your family should an unexpected health issue arise.

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Florida Auto Insurance Checklist

Florida auto insurance shopping is essential. Even so, it can be a little tricky finding the right company for you. Make things easier on yourself with a Florida auto insurance checklist or simply contact for a quote from every insurance company available for you.


Florida Auto Insurance Facts

It’s important to remember that Florida auto insurance is mandatory. It’s a matter you’re going to want to take care of as quickly as possible. What you don’t want to do is put off getting Florida auto insurance, get in an accident, and find yourself with a sudden onslaught of serious, potentially libelous headaches. In order to protect you from repair costs, medical bills, and the possibility of being sued, should someone else be injured in the accident, good coverage is essential.


The minimum for the two primary types of auto insurance are as follows:


  • Personal injury protection: The minimum for PIP is ten thousand dollars. Most however, prefer a level of coverage that goes beyond this.
  • Property Damage Liability. The minimum for PDL coverage is also ten thousand dollars. Like PIP coverage, it is perhaps in your best interests to opt for a level of coverage that’s greater than the mandatory minimum.


The insurance company you eventually settle on will give you additional, personalized details on these coverage types, as well as any further details you need to be aware of. They will make the process of getting reliable, comprehensive coverage fairly straightforward. If you’re new to the state, they will help you to make sure you understand everything about the subject of Florida auto insurance.


Really, the only the serious obstacle that stands between you and definitive insurance coverage is the task of finding a provider. However, if you use the checklist mentioned earlier, finding an auto insurance company in Florida worth your time is easier than it would be otherwise.


Your Florida Auto Insurance Checklist

Shopping for Florida auto insurance isn’t too terribly different from shopping for a number of other goods and services. Just keep in mind that with auto insurance, you’re looking at the long-term. You’re likely going to be in a relationship with this company for a while, so choose wisely.


And as you go about the task of choosing, keep this Florida auto insurance checklist in mind:


  • Has this auto insurance company been in business for a long time? For how many years have they served the auto insurance needs of Florida residents?
  • How personalized is their service? Will you really get a coverage plan that’s been designed with your specific needs in mind?
  • How do they rate for customer service? When you need to get in touch with your auto insurance company agent, are you going to be able to get a hold of them quickly? Or are you going to be stuck without answers for far longer than is preferable?
  • How is their claims process? Are you going to be moved through the stages of filing a claim quickly and easily? Or is it going to be one nightmare after another?


These questions should give you the ability to pick the best company.